How to Select the Perfect Bedside Table

Nightstands offer an easier way to organize the bedroom space and keep the essentials close at night. However, despite being helpful, nightstands can take up too much space or look awkward. Hence, it is essential to know how to select the perfect one.


When selecting a nightstand, you need to consider one that will suit your lifestyle. If you need a nightstand for regular activities like eating and reading, you may opt for nightstands designed to hold items like books and lamps. Also, the material should effortlessly bring out the impression you need and fit your maintenance capabilities. Even though all nightstands are designed to look nice, you should consider wood nightstands because they are durable and easy to maintain.


Nightstands come in different sizes, some narrow and some large. The narrow ones are usually suitable for bedrooms with limited space and can also fit well if you need two nightstands. The large ones are perfect for spacious bedrooms. Therefore, you need to consider the area around your bedroom before purchasing a nightstand. Generally, you should always look for a table almost the same height as the top of your mattress if the surrounding space does not matter. You can still opt for a short or tall bedside table, depending on your needs.

Storage Needs

Smaller nightstands with less bulky materials are appropriate if you need a suitable surface for small items. Wide nightstands are also ideal for small items like alarm clocks and lamps. On the other hand, a block-style nightstand or any other type of large bedside table, such as a bedside shelve, can be suitable for mid-sized items.As you can see, beside tables come in various sizes and shapes, which are suitable for different purposes. The variety allows you to decide the kind of stand that can provide you with both good looks and storage benefits. You can find your next bedside table at Tylko. They offer bespoke bedside tables with various features. In their category of bedside units, you can find cheap bedside tables made with different materials. They offer mid-century bedside tables, pine bedside tables and others in various colors, including black, brown, and white bedside tables, which can perfectly fit your needs.